conventional home loan

Conventional Mortgage Loans

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Conforming loan programs that are not insured by the government.  Offers more flexibility in terms of property type and characteristics, but loan qualification criteria may be more stringent.  Maximum loan is limited to current conforming county loan limit for your county.

✓ Down Payment Required – 3% Minimum

✓ Mortgage Insurance Needed if < 20% equity

✓ 620 Minimum Credit Score

✓ Less Restrictions on Type of Property

✖ Not Government Insured

✓ New Construction Allowed

✓ Renovation loan available









Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest $1421

Monthly Taxes $1421

Monthly HOA $1421

Monthly Insurance $1421

Monthly PMI $0

8 Simple Steps

We will determine the best home loan for your individual needs.  

Our secure online application is easy to navigate and intuitively guides you throughout the process.  You can also schedule a call with your Loan Advisor to do the application by phone if that works better for your needs.

Submit income/asset documentation for your Pre-Approval letter.

Now for the fun part – shopping for that home! Shop for a home or send us your builder information if you are building.
Once you have found the right home for you, you will execute a written contract for the terms of the purchase. We will need a copy of the contract to get the loan started.

Time to get the loan started with Underwriting!  After you have entered into contract, your loan will be submitted to Processing/Underwriting.  They will reach out to you throughout the process for any additional documents needed to fill in the blanks and complete your loan file.

An appraisal will be ordered while the loan is Underwriting.  This is different than a home inspection and establishes the current market value of the home based on recent comparable sales in the same area. 

Final Loan Approval from Underwriting and the loan is Cleared to Close!  These are the magic words you’ve been waiting for.  At this point, we will work with your title closing office to finalize all settlement figures and issue the documents you will sign at your closing.